Too many messaging app – Do we need more?

What messaging app do you need?

ipad-605439_960_720Messaging apps are just too many these days. Despite many messaging apps, Google has yet to add one – The Google Allo. What happened to Google Talk, Google Voice,  Google Now,  and of course Hangouts? Do we need that much messaging app?

The release of Google Allo on Wednesday seems to have exhausted many technologists. This app is not new. It is just a revision of what is already there. Consider Apple’s iMessage, Facebook’s WhatsApp, Yahoo’s Messenger, Viber, and a whole lot more.

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What is Google Allo?

Google Allo is newest messaging app that features a virtual assistant like Siri to iPhones and end to end encryption tool that is by default provided to iPhone users. WhatsApp has it by default for its user’s privacy protection too.  Although Google Allo has the encryption tool not by default but by choice, even so, it still offers the same capabilities with what Apple and Facebook messaging app has to offer.

What is end to end encryption tool?

End to end encryption is a strong encryption tool that will make it hard for law enforcement officers to access messages for purposes of investigation. To make it simple, it is a protective tool that is impenetrable. Thus, the users’ privacy is protected to the highest level. It is security at its best!

With so much messaging applications introduced today, users may find it difficult to choose which works for them best. However, the fact is, technology users want to keep it simple and accessible and that is what’s most important.


Modern Technology Introduces Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery

Here is a fact: According to reports, the number of Americans going through plastic surgery increases each year. What could be the reason behind this statistical record? 

cosmetic treatmentsIt is astonishing that there are millions of Americans undergoing cosmetic treatments each year. The statistics of people going through plastic surgery is increasingly becoming higher each year. New advances in technology has introduced a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. With this in place, plastic surgery has become more and more appealing not only to celebrities but to average citizens who can pay the fee.

Technology is developing each year and with the industry coming up with procedures that offer less pain and more gain, who wouldn’t want to have a make over? But do you know that these cosmetic procedures and treatments are really expensive?

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Traditional plastic surgeries are already expensive. So think of this new treatments as a deluxe of the traditional treatment which means to say it is way more expensive than what is already costly. A single surgery may cost from $11000 to a whooping price of $35000 or more.

Experts explain that these cosmetic non-surgical procedures makes use of a high density focused ultrasound. This technique melts fat without cutting through the skin. These technique is used in various cosmetic treatments such as liposuction and face lifts.

As part of the cosmetic industry, Foot Doctor Beverly Hills provides cosmetic foot surgery that aims to improve the beauty of the feet. This service also makes use of advanced and modern technology.

Watch 5 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures To Rejuvenate The Neck And Face

How Technology Changed How Pools Are Built

Have you heard of +Pool in New York City

Ah, technology. It changed the way we looked at simple bodies of water and waterways. Modern engineers and architects have gone crazier than before. Have you heard of swimming pools created with unique designs?

Not all pools are the same. Each pool is designed and built to meet its goals, and that goal is not just for swimming purposes.

Let’s have a good look at +Pool in New York City.

The proposed idea of building a floating pool in New York City is crazy! But the public has bought the idea and large engineering firms have invested in the project.

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A floating science lab is now experimenting, making various tests to perfect the filtration system of river water. This makes sure that the pool water is going to be 100% safe for public use.

The proposed +pool is shaped like the plus sign, and thus the name plus pool. It’s a 9300 sq. foot pool. The proposed project is going to feature a kids swimming area, lounging area and a huge section for lapping.

Testing the water in the newest project +pool. Watch this video for more

The idea is to filter river water daily However, they are still working on a system to properly dispose of the waste filtered from the river. There is more to look forward to on this amazing project.


Microsoft Free Upgrade To Windows 10

Windows10 UpgradeMicrosoft have introduced the new Windows 10 and they have been offering upgrades for free. Microsoft wants to spread the gadget across all devices. The aim is to get the app community excited about the new system and create more functions and extra utilization for a long time. They hope the no-fee upgrade did just that. If you prefer not to upgrade, the choice exists to feature this at a later date.

The Start menu has a brand new appearance. Just like windows 8, clickable tiles are featured to access applications. If you choose to remove one or two of the live tiles, you can just right click to remove it. Microsoft has included a number of “regular apps” which run in windows on the computer. Additional apps can be easily downloaded from the Windows App store. Surprisingly, users who have upgraded to windows 10 find it user friendly. So if you have not done so yet, you still have the option to upgrade now.

Long gone is internet Explorer. It’s far no longer the default browser though companies can nonetheless locate it and use it. Microsoft has a brand new up to date model called part. It ought to provide better performance. People who pick Chrome or Firefox can nonetheless install them and use them as they typically would. Microsoft has delivered greater computing device and security enhancements. These consist of windows Defender, observed on windows 8, which replaces Microsoft safety essentials. SmartScreen tries to dam harmful and unknown file downloads from harming your laptop.

Extra enhancements consist of game DVR functionality for recording and streaming computer video games. A number of low stage tweaks make sure the gadget makes use of much less disk area, boots quicker and protects higher against attacks. Usual windows 10 is a pleasing improve from windows eight. Home windows 7 customers will discover it a greater relaxed revel in than navigating through home windows 8. Still, it remains to be visible if it’s miles the panacea Microsoft is hoping for to deflect Apple’s iOS and others from making inroads into the big and worthwhile commercial enterprise market.

How to get Windows 10 for free


While windows is providing users with many useful tools to better your web experience, don’t get yourself glued to the computer even if your work demands for it. Remember that too much of everything is unhealthy. And when you are not in front your computer, you may want to learn how to build muscle fast and have a lean shape to keep up with your daily routine.

The Many Benefits Of Android Television

Android smart tvIn brand new world of smart gadgets, televisions aren’t going to be left behind, way to the brand new Android television box. This container will flip any television into a smart tv that lets in viewers to do anything which you’d do on a computer right on their tv display.

Browsing the net, looking at snap shots and studying emails can all be finished at the tv set.

The Android tv box is well suited with coloration television’s, liquid crystal display’s and LED’s and connects to the internet by LAN, wireless or 3G. This indicates you don’t have to buy any more gadget or extra offerings to enjoy the container. It also can characteristic as a router for all your other devices together with phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computer systems.

With the introduction of the Android television box, your home amusement alternatives grow to be endless. Your residing room can come to be a multimedia center with an in depth collection of material to pick out from both on and offline. Because the box runs at the Android operating gadget, a large number of net apps may be downloaded proper onto your tv set.

You can network together with your social circles on facebook, Twitter and Skype, take a look at your email, even watch films and play video games. nashville painters will love the built-in three-D graphical processor that helps 3D video games and with a IGB DDR3 reminiscence, there may be lots of room for all of your preferred packages.

The Android television box is likewise like minded with different devices along with USB flash drives, USB hard disks and TF/SD playing cards so you can view saved documents and pix with no trouble. It could be used with a wi-fi mouse, keyboard and flying far off for clean navigation. The containers also support full HD video output and coding and run the ultra-modern versions of popular packages which include HTML5 and Flash.

Advantages of Converting

“Before you start using any Android tv box, you have to think of the poor factors too”

The devices are compact and might easily be located on pinnacle of or subsequent to your tv set with out being in the way or standing out. In addition they come in a preference of colors like black, red or white so that you can coordinate it to healthy your décor.

When you buy a television box, you’ll get everything you want to get installation, inclusive of a power adaptor, USB cable and adaptor and HDMI cables. A few manufacturers may even offer 3-D glasses together with your box. When you buy an Android television box, you may surprise the way you ever lived with out it!

However, it has a few dangers too. Before you start using any Android tv box, you have to think of the poor factors too. It’ll help you to determine what’s quality for you.

How To Properly Setup A Wireless Router In Your Home

Proper Router SetupWi-fi routers are the core of many of our domestic networks. They’re what our devices use to communicate with one another. The signal power of the router’s connection to gadgets is vital to the functionality of the community.

Sign overkill in your private home is not a protection problem due to the improvements in encryption technology. You want the pleasant location for wi-fi router signal energy so that you can use the community with as few signal troubles as feasible. So many gadgets currently use WiFi that a router’s placement is important to the health and ease of use concerning your wi-fi network.

The first element to bear in mind while adjusting the placement for the high-quality place for wireless router sign aggregation is signal power. Some routers have better gain antennas than others.

The better the advantage of the antenna the more the signal will pierce through obstructions given a regular transmission energy. The tradeoff in this example is that in case your router is on the primary ground and you are proper above it… You may not receive the first-class signal because of the shape of the signal’s dispersion being greater like a pancake than a sphere. We recommend one get entry to factor according to floor for most excellent coverage.

“The better the advantage of the antenna the more the signal will pierce through obstructions given a regular transmission energy.”

So let’s say you do not need to buy another get admission to factor and worry about more than one DHCP servers at the network. For maximum folks, it is too much paintings and too complicated. Given your current router and your trendy -tale domestic round 1,300 square toes you virtually need to place the router as close to to the ceiling as feasible in a place as significant to the home as feasible.

Why? What we are attempting to do on this instance is to remove as many obstructions as viable to the signal as you could. Whilst the usage of a laptop, cellular cellphone, or other WiFi tool you will be surprised at how lots your hand or frame interferes with the sign on your tool. In a few times it could be as plenty as a 25% signal decrease. If your hands can block signal this much, imagine what your fridge or range can block!

Finding The Perfect Location For Your Router

It’s far absolutely satisfactory to location your router on pinnacle of a bookshelf or cupboard. The fine vicinity for wireless router sign electricity is to mount it to the ceiling upside-down. Do not vicinity it on the wall vertically. Take into account that the antenna’s signal pattern seems like a certainly fat pancake and if you vicinity it on the wall you will lose sign behind and in front of the router. The sign emits satisfactory from the sides of the router and now not in front or in the back of.

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Road To Chiropractic Success: The Right Technology and Strategy

We are all searching for methods to improve income and achieve success. But we do not always wish to save money money to accomplish it. Often people will begin added companies or switchover to some new niche simply because they were not producing enough within the niche they were in.

Even worse acquire some new equipment that following a few weeks sits gathering dust as you are investing in it. Here are a few tips about how to improve income within your practice.

Advanced Technology and Training

More than just marketing strategies, your chiropractic practice must be very good at its job.

At the heart of your practice, the chiropractors under your roof must have ample training and are familiarized with the technology at their disposal.

One of the best East Cobb chiropractor endeavors the best treatment for their patients. You should employ this goal within your own practice as well. Your chiropractors have to care about every single patient who entrusted themselves to your care.

Upsells and Other Offers

Using cross-selling and upsells may bring in a greater amount of cash.

When someone buys among your goods, provide them a greater-valued edition of perhaps a related product or the exact same product. The larger priced version of the exact same item may include products or training. Prior to the final checkout, provide them exactly the same book plus training to get a higher price. Or, provide a relevant item, like a cookbook of healthy recipes to them. You will be taken by often people on your upsell offer, and your purchase amount has only improved.

Market Products

Everybody needs a healthcare professional to suggest what products they ought to purchase.

Included in your intake procedure questions concerning the products what manufacturers they’re getting and they consider, you are able to suggest products which are better for them with greater intake rates. Attempt to not cry when they say they’re using off the shelf products.

You are able to deal and services and product line together to include value towards the company you offer. You would like better sleep. Incorporate a product study included in your intake process along with your people. You are able to maintain a little stock of products within your exercise and provide the capability to purchase refills online that’ll be delivered free for their home to them.

Incentive Individuals for Recommendations

Get your personal sales team within the type of affiliates.

You can provide them with something special like, say, a card to Starbucks, giftcard free modification, to wholefoods or savings on products.

Provide one more motivation to individuals beyond the superb benefits you support develop individual loyalty and your people reach send new company for you.

Don’t Forget Clients

Social networking and Use e-mail marketing to remain touching your people. People who trust you and know you are more prone to purchase from you. 65% of the purchasing decision is dependant on the connection you’ve using the patient.

Provide a Promise

How can you boost revenue?

Probably, you’ll acquire a lot more revenue compared to few discounts you’ve to create. Do not get swept up within the power of bother about giving their cash back to people.

You’ll attract the type of people who may protest and need their cash back if you concentrate on fretting about discounts. When you centered on helping people and are offering an invaluable support, you’ll seldom need to return someone their money.

Offer services and your products directly into packages that the people can purchase. Whenever you develop plans of the services and products towards fixing an issue in packages which are produced, you make it easier for the people to determine the worth within the deal you’re offering. You’ll manage to promote service at the same time or several product.

The road to a successful chiropractic boils down to how much effort you will put into caring for your patients. However, the most important, as states, are technology and the chiropractor’s expertise.

Switch to Fingerprint Scanning Systems

Improve your home security and office or school’s attendance records with biometric scanners.

In current times, not just is actual robbery a dangerous offense but using the beginning of web, identity thefts, charge card scams are typical thefts.

Biometrics not just ensures protection but additionally guarantees a human he/she could sleep properly if this technology governs their possessions. A significant program of biometrics that is available in useful in nearly every establishment be-it personal or government is the Fingerprint-recognition Attendance System.

What’s a fingerprint-identification work program?

Attendance Management System – Managing attendance records of a company of pupils or employees is just a tedious and dismal task. To help make the work related function automated and on line, the usage of fingerprints might be extremely useful. This can first, save lots of time, be environmentally friendly as document use will be minimal.

A Biometric system for example hand scanner includes – The information encrypts the moment collected to avoid identity thefts. A software program uses particular level recognition of information as match points to change the biometric feedback. An algorithm that means that data in to a numeric value is used by these fit points within the database procedure. Then your database value examines the biometric input certification is accepted and the consumer has entered to the reader.

Application that converts scanned data into electronic and compares match points – Variation in the scanned and statistical beliefs makes the machine inspiring and reliable. Work system can be used to monitor every person and each visiting your home who’s really the individual he or she claims to become. It uses the fingerprints to confirm the individuals identification and report his/her time- time-out and in.

Listed below are advantages to having fingerprint scanners:

  1. User friendly and simple to use
  2. Prevents proxy attendance logging
  3. Time-saver, is correct, and reliale
  4. May keep a large record and keeps locations secure as it only allows access to people with recorded prints
  5. Simple to manage multiple changes, departments and personnel
  6. Simple operations with keypad technology and covers a lot of time tracking issues

A fingerprint-identification work program is a superb development within the area of improvement because our stability raises and helps us get loads of data which normally might have taken us a heck lot of time to gather. The technology could barely be breached with fake fingerprints if this type of program will be employed for time and work management. This is a technology you should opt to switch to, for better attendance recording and additional security.

Mobile Technology: Shaping Minds in the Academe

Information Technology covers everything regarding a “cellular phone” or rather, what we declared a “smart phone.”

In a nutshell, the technology we have access to through phones has provided us an area to carry out all our everyday duties day in and day out.

So how exactly is the education sector affected by mobile technology today?

To answer this, let’s go over several items:

Smart phoneCellular devices today are incorporated using functions making it problematic for a normal person to repair it in case there is any issue and the latest software.

If you will see no programs centered on fixing phones then how individuals will love the advantages of M-learning. M here means mobile. It’s utilized in colleges & many colleges and it is very much like laptop learning.

The next truth is the pattern of programs within the training sector has changed. The students are tasked to achieve their educational objectives and actions. That is apparent in the increasing amount of professional programs within the international universities. Not only that, you’ll discover the same outcome in the local level.

All of the technical organizations have come up with cellular technology courses. Therefore helps the individuals to understand more about the cellular repairing business, putting more quantity of technicians for the counting.

What’ve made the fixing business flourished more would be the large mobile sales. Customers search for something new in terms of functionality, style-software within the phone, running, and camera features. Thus, it’s expected the business needs to develop itself by discussing the specialized information through mobile technology programs. Most of the respected cellular companies have started creating technicians their workout sessions to provide a much better customer support ever.

There are plenty of good reasons for enrolling into these mobile technology programs like better pay, the short-time length and potential opportunity. However, it’s worth to notice the training industry includes a new susceptible to add-on! It’s apparent these specialized programs will even obtain a large approval because, cell phones have exceeded all methods of conversation.

The mobile technology program favors technology readiness in a variety of ways from managing a help support on the cell phone to integration of integrated chips (ICs).

Thus, all we have to do is be frequently updated with the innovations and development within the mobile industry!

Video And Online Games – Is there A Benefit For Your Children?

children-593313_960_720The gaming industry has advanced through the years and many have thought that this has brought more disadvantage than advantage to many children. Real world games are actually healthy for children. It develops their personality and inter-social skills. Could online gaming do the same?

A kind of game that requires the skill of problem solving are puzzle video games. The types of questions that require to be resolved may include several problem solving skills for example applying pattern recognition, technique and reasoning, word-completion series handling.

Today, various online gaming activities are loved with a broad cross section of our culture, from youngsters to grandparents and these have already been approved by everybody like a great types of enjoyment and observed to become much better than watching Television because it needs the audience’s participation and discussion.

While many have reacted that video and online games provide no benefits. Studies show otherwise. Children develops certain skills in these activities such as quick decision making skills and hand to eye coordination.

So parents may be have been misled by keeping their children away from these games. A young child’s imagination could be triggered through role-playing adventure and games. Even when several of those activities may appear bland due to abuse and its visual character, they are able to perform an optimistic and essential part in a young child’s growth by promoting teamwork, creating confidence and improving motor skills. Enjoying such game titles is only going to give a balanced way of expression to a kid.

Particular game titles are thought to educate kids higher level thinking skills that they might take advantage of later on.

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Advantages for young adults and adults alike

Different systems including colleges in certain areas of the planet are conducting investigation in to the advantages and disadvantages of game titles. You’ll be surprise that the advantages outweigh the negatives in terms of benefits.

While playing game titles, consider moment choices to be able to flourish in the given task and you’d have to respond quickly. It’s thought that advantages would be provided by this type of exercise in actual life where you’d be able take quick decisions and respond with velocity.

Brain researchers have found that the particular driving gaming, developed by a development and research staff in Bay Area in the University of California might enhance the short term storage and long term target of older adults.

Watch this video: Can Video Games Make You Smarter? 

It had been discovered that your brain is distracted from discomfort and pain. As a result of this purpose, some hospitals have begun to claim that others among kids undergoing painful solutions play games to lessen anxiety and their stress.

Cognitive Flexibility is one area that a child could develop, that will be the capability to change rapidly in one job to a different.

Scientists discovered a connection between playing game titles and psychological wellbeing among the elderly. They discovered that these people who played game titles, also sometimes, experienced a situation of well- happiness and being.

Family connections may also enhance, as several of those activities could and may be played by the family as a whole unit.

Based on some studies, people enjoying particular games of puzzle develops in the following areas: Accuracy, Vision, Multitasking, Attention

Gaming Precautions:

It shouldn’t be addictive. The one thing their family or a gaming participant must guarantee is the fact that it doesn’t become addictive by any means. A gaming participant should not wind up spending long periods of time losing monitoring of time and location and winning contests even though ignoring responsibilities and obligations, personal tasks.

Choose the right games wisely. Yet another thing that minors’ parents must make sure is the fact that their children get access simply to related or academic games-which are ideal for their age bracket as well as the great information is the fact that there is a large choice of activities available which are right for all ages.

Allow games according to ratings. A gaming content rating is just a program will come in several nations plus they are applied to identify video games into viability-associated age ranges regarding its articles which, if adopted, will restrict the negative facets of a few of the activities.

If gaming people can perform in control, and stay simply to the types of activities ideal for their respective ages, they are able to obtain numerous advantages as mentioned above.

Fujifilm Finepix Hs10 Cmos Digital Camera

If your child may be asking to get a camera of his or her own, you might be wondering whether this will probably be just another toy or whether there are a few real educational and developmental benefits for your child. These cameras capture amazing photos, but require more power and higher capacity batteries than normal point-and-shoot digital cameras. We all understand the importance of a good tyre to get a good performance of our vehicles. Choosing a digital camera will probably be a lot easier whenever you look at each and every of the three types of digital cameras: the digital SLR, compact (automatic) cameras and Bridge cameras.

The Fujifilm FinePix series is certainly one of the industry\’s most popular, smallest, and lightest cameras. As a stock photographer, I discover the 70D to be all I wanted it to be and more. Teachers can photograph each experience, print the images and put one picture on each page of your classroom book. The comprehensive set of connection capabilities is completed with micro usb also as Wireless Bluetooth connections.

If you buy a costly camera now, it will probably be obsolete in after five years. It includes a premium look and it is styled very tastefully. If you is going to be carrying you guessed it-your camera around then an inferior camera would be a fantastic choice, on the cheap hassle. This is harmful for that battery and affects the battery life.

If you liked this short article please subscribe (above) and appearance out this short article for more camera tips(. You want to gently clean the contacts about the battery cover, then very carefully clean the ones inside the camera, should you can do so with out to cram the swab to the slot. Or, in the case of the Mac computer, you just enter into iPhoto, which comes standard on newer Mac computers. After all, you will discover three significant things consumers have to love before they are going to buy from you together with that’s you/your employees, your merchandise, and your company. Canon IXUS 130 IS.

As a photographer, nothing is a lot more important than capturing “the decisive moment. The ideal solution was presented using the D-Link DCS-6620G as a wireless IP camera that could be accessed over the net from anywhere within the world. It is the environment that keeps your vehicle of road. Obviously, this camera of such high specification will additionally capture video, and this is at no lower than 720p High definition quality at twenty five fps.

I am looking towards trying out the movie mode feature. The canon powershot A220 premiered recently in India. With portrait digital photography it’s so easy to experiment because you have the benefit of seeing the photo immediately. Many agencies are now accepting video clips as well as still images and this may be an option I want to explore within the future, especially once the birds return from their winter travels and the weather grows more obliging. If you enjoyed this article, click the subscribe button above and get the next articles sent right to your inbox!.

Where To Buy Used Cameras In India?

What type of digital camera to buy is not a straightforward question to answer. Film cameras are still offered by specialist shops, although they are almost exclusively second hand models. We all understand the importance of your good tyre to get a good performance in our vehicles. Choosing a digital camera will probably be easier when you look at each of the three types of digital cameras: the digital SLR, compact (automatic) cameras and Bridge cameras.

Let go of the button following the minute is up, then fresh batteries and replace the cover. As a stock photographer, I find the 70D to become all I wanted it being and more. Teachers can photograph each experience, print the images and place one picture on each page of your classroom book. Thanks to its everyday versatility in functionality, the Samsung Wave ticks all the boxes and offers appeal to a wide selection of different users.

This type of weighbridge can be customized having a host of additional features thereby making it completely comprehensive also it will probably be inside a position to serve a variety of functionalities. The video is 30 FPS having an Inbuilt Flash. Fire frame after frame the minute you turn on the camera–compose then shoot. Tags: pet photography, cat photography, pet can photography, photo.

You have to find out the way to transfer the photos from the digital camera when she drive them since you are only able to sender and the pictures when they are on your computer. This is normally a disorder in which the flash wouldn’t go off if it’s set to “Auto”. The image quality is excellent for a compact camera and the small weigh and size means I actually wanted to consider this camera beside me due towards the compact feel. The 5 ” AMOLED capacitive touch screen features the capacity to exhibit around 16 million colours inside a pixel setup of 360x 640. Copyright (c) 2010 Nick Clipton.

Article Directory: http://www. Despite of these facts, there are lots many high quality used machines that can be easily owned by spending fraction of income around the same. Online classifieds are extremely beneficial to its customers it saves time, money and in exchanges offers you the best deals on used cameras straight from your dealers of the city you are in. Page 1 of 2 :: First – Last :: Prev – 1 2 – Next.

Lastly, just have some fun and play around with your camera. The canon powershot A220 was launched recently in India. With digital photography it’s so simple to experiment because you’ve the benefit of seeing the photo immediately. Many agencies have become accepting video clips too as still images and also this may be an option I want to explore within the future, especially when the birds return from their winter travels and the weather grows more obliging. Most editors are failed writers, but so can be most writers-Thomas Elliot.

How Social Media Affects Our Child’s Brain

tTalk about the teen age brain. It could be a mystery to many adults especially to parents raising teens in their homes. So what exactly is going on in a teen’s brain? CBC news covered a news report that interviewed a number of teens in the US and in Canada. Researchers have used social media to try to understand what’s going on in a teen’s brain.

What’s important to teenagers in this present generation?

From being part of the crowd which is the most response of teenagers from past generations when internet was not yet introduced, to being rich and famous. Money has pushed itself to number 1 these days for people just in their teen years, practically still a child to even worry about money.

Now, teens are more concerned with who liked their videos, or their photos. They feel bad when they gain no likes. They feel having likes is becoming “in”. They gain a good feeling when someone liked their photos and all together fame comes along with it.

From generation to generation, values have changed from family oriented and community values, it has turned to being money and fame oriented. Why because they are exposed to these types of values. It’s not just in social media, it’s on TV and it’s the talk of the town. So being famous has pushed itself to being the number 1 value most teens look at today.

See also: Some issues associated with chronic ailments aren’t particularly medical in nature however involves the patients communication with their family and their place of work. Mediations usually ask for the patient and the patient’s family to adjust to a new life style. Both the family and the patient should be informed about the many advantage of the treatment process as well as the circumstances if the treatment is not strictly implemented. Chronic care management cms aids patients to systematically track their wellbeing as they progress. It also helps patients contact health care specialists should problems arise.

The downside of social media?

While social media brings about the fame they want, it also brings heart break, bullying and caused lost of lives. How many teens committed suicide because of bullying? How many teens were abused through the course of social media?

What happens to the teen’s brain when overexposed to technologies like internet, mobile phones and other devices that encourage social media?

The area of the brain where day dreaming happens and the child learns empathy is blocked with continuous use of external devices such as the social media, this area of the brain becomes only active when a person does nothing. Practically taking a moment to enjoy the clouds and perhaps day dream.

These days, kids are constantly on the go, engaged with their devices that day dreaming hardly have a room for the active teen whose life surrounded by social media and other forms of technology.