Build Stairs with The Latest Carpentry Tools

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Regardless how technology has changed and advanced, the stairs in the home have not changed. But the ways of building stairs have changed using the latest tools in carpentry. And no matter how the prijzen traprenovatie or the prices in stair renovation have changed in years, you can still do renovations by yourself using three easy steps.

In an effort to replace the squeaky stairs at our back door that proves to be unsafe and weak due to years of usage and make, I have found a perfect guide to show me how to rebuild a new set of stairs at my backdoor porch. The tutorial is really quick and simple but requires precise measurements. The tutorials I found on YouTube are free and provide clear instructions on how to do it.

This post seeks to help others like me who have been looking for the right places to build a better and stronger stairs using the best technology in carpentry works. 

How To Build Stairs Using Easy Steps

This video shows how the stairs were built in a workshop at the home. The whole process didn’t take too long and was in fact built only in a few hours.

How To: Build A Staircase

Bob Vila and Bob Ryley show us in this video how to make staircases. The stringer and the runner had been shown, the dimensions and how to cut it.

How to Calculate Stairway Risers

This video is very useful to help in calculating the stairway risers.

All the videos presented in this post have helped me a lot in building my stairs. Take note though that the materials I have used to build my stairs are also wood. If you are intending to build stairs using concrete or steel, this may take a whole different process. But for simple stairs made of wood, the videos above can help a lot.

Safety measures

I thought it is best to add some safety measures in this post just to avoid being cut or getting some sawdust into your eye just as I did during the process. So gear up before cutting or nailing anything else, use goggles, ask for an extra hand, and make sure your power tools are well secured.


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