Eco-Friendly Innovations

by Debra Sims .

Technology constantly goes through many trends and developments and are coming together all at once making it difficult for individuals to figure out or fathom on which technologies to invest on. Some technologies are plainly used for offline or online gaming such as judi domino qq, card games, or simulation games. Some are varying and improving the manner on how we interact and connect with our kin and peers, while other technologies are altering the way we see and involve ourselves with the world.

With the progression of technology, it is smart to invest in technologies that could aid in solving ecological issues and ultimately save our environment, the world and ourselves.

Here are a few examples of how technology helps ecologically


The Sharing Economy is a modern and trending advancement in technology that allows and encourages individuals to buy and consume less and to decrease material usage. For instance, Netflix has lessened a number of DVD rentals in support of online streaming. This, in turn, decreases the necessity for postage, shipping and producing physical duplicates of the films.

One of the largest consumers of energy is the home. Nonetheless, innovative technologies are developed to resolve this. For example, lights with motion sensors are designed to make sure that they are only used when needed. These kinds of devices can be used not only in the home but also in commercial or corporate establishments, and have the capacity to considerably lessen the consumption of energy as well as money.

In recent years, several of the most acknowledged and essential environmental friendly innovations in technology have been in the area of clean and renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy gathered from resources that are restored naturally like rain, wind, and sunlight. Some of these innovations that have become prevalent are wind and hydroelectric power and solar panels.

calendarGoing paperless by using computers and smartphones has decreased our reliance on trees to produce paper and has in a way aided in diminishing deforestation. Most industries and individuals today use these devices to send files, bills, payments, and letters instead of using regular mail. Also, the majority of the populace now often times take notes and handle their schedules and timetables on their phones instead of using regular memo pads and calendars.

Nature and technology are in a way interrelated. It’s just a matter of learning from nature itself and using these technological advancements in a sustainable and ecological way.