How Technology Changed How Pools Are Built

by Debra Sims .

Have you heard of +Pool in New York City

Ah, technology. It changed the way we looked at simple bodies of water and waterways. Modern engineers and architects have gone crazier than before. Have you heard of swimming pools created with unique designs?

Not all pools are the same. Each pool is designed and built to meet its goals, and that goal is not just for swimming purposes.

Let’s have a good look at +Pool in New York City.

The proposed idea of building a floating pool in New York City is crazy! But the public has bought the idea and large engineering firms have invested in the project.

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A floating science lab is now experimenting, making various tests to perfect the filtration system of river water. This makes sure that the pool water is going to be 100% safe for public use.

The proposed +pool is shaped like the plus sign, and thus the name plus pool. It’s a 9300 sq. foot pool. The proposed project is going to feature a kids swimming area, lounging area and a huge section for lapping.

Testing the water in the newest project +pool. Watch this video for more

The idea is to filter river water daily . However, they are still working on a system to properly dispose of the waste filtered from the river. There is more to look forward to on this amazing project.