Internet Technology – Surf Safely, Stay Away From Scammers

by Debra Sims .

Internet technology opens the door for a lot of earning opportunities. Internet marketing has become the buzz of many businesses as they have seen it as a great way to bring in more sales. Big companies have already made the big step. They are able to reach out to a wider audience and develop a good image for their brand without the usual expensive hype in advertising.

While companies are using internet technology to their advantage, there are also people using the internet for their bad intentions. With a lot of hype in the internet, readers will have to read between the lines to figure out which are scams or not.

A review – Copy My Websites Scam may sound like a scam but if you read between the lines, the writer offers pros and cons, as well as evidences of his profit. But then again, you have to use your better judgement when doing your research about a product to avoid scams.

The Warning Signs Of A Scam

Here are 4 signs of scam that should raise your suspicions

  1. The offer is just too good. You should be asking questions if a stranger leaves you millions of dollars. What’s the catch if you are given a freebie? Won the lottery? Have you even bet on the lottery? Do your homework. Research and ask questions.
  2. They are asking for your bank account details. Why in the world are they asking for your bank details when you are not even purchasing anything from them. If you received an email from a bank, read between the lines. Or better yet, call your bank and inquire about the email. Better safe than be sorry. Lastly, do not click on any link in the email.
  3. Requests for advance payment or fees. Scammers will say “in order to complete the transaction, you will have to pay a certain amount of money to cover the cost of shipping.” This alone should be raising a lot of red flag. Why won’t they just deduct it from what you won if you won something.
  4. Email addresses look suspicious. How to tell if an email is suspicious. By looking at their email address. So if you received an email stating that you won $1M dollars and the source email is, this could be fake. But if the email is – then there are chances that this is legit. But again, you should be asking questions before you fall for the bait.

So in the event that you come across highly suspicious emails protect yourself or report them to Better Business Bureau so that others will be alerted as well. Happy surfing.