Remove Annoying Browser Redirects In Your Computer

by Debra Sims .

binary-823336_1280Web browser redirect viruses are also called “Search Engine Redirect Virus.” It attacks many search engines and browsers. There are many reasons that your PC can acquire this. Most of the time it comes with computer app downloads. You may not be able to detect it at once until you have it. This can be annoying especially when surfing the internet. I found out a simple way to remove it. This process may help you too.

Scan your PC with Free Antivirus tools such as Avast

If you already have Avast installed in your computer, do a quick scan. If you don’t have Avast yet, you may download and install their free version from their trusted site. This is free and very helpful in protecting your computer. After scan, Avast will provide you a list of detected programs that are suspicious and possibly harmful to your computer. Take note of this computer program and research its nature.

Find unwanted program from your task manager

Hit on Ctrl-Alt-Del to open your task manager. Look for the program that was identified by your antivirus tool. When found on the list, right click on it and choose open file location. This will bring you to the folder where it is installed. Go back to task manager and end the program by clicking on End Task. Once done, go back to the file location and delete the entire folder.

Clean your cache and cookies or just use CC cleaner

Once the unwanted program folder is deleted, clean your cache and cookies. Make sure that your LAN settings is set to Automatically detect settings. Make sure Use proxy server for your LAN is unchecked and that no values are showing in the boxes below it. You may use CCcleaner to clear cache and cookies and other temporary files in your computer.

Lastly, close all open programs and restart your computer. Browse through websites to see if redirects still exists. This process worked for me. If in your case, this process didn’t work, you will have to go through the list of unwanted programs that Avast Antivirus has provided and attempt to locate and delete it from your Programs folder.

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