Code Lyoko

Planet Earth and a parallel universe, named Lyoko, are facing a serious threat of total annihilation. A very dangerous supervirus has managed to infect various central processing and computing units in X.A.N.A and there are just four children that are able to foil the evil designs of the mad computer! See also this Code Lyoko Theme Song:

Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd are actually leading a doubles life. By day they are common students in their teens, but in the virtual world, they are action heroes. Adventure and action. Rich graphics. Swift pace. Really great for the kids of today. Here, science-fiction is blending with sitcom-like scenes. “Code Lyoko” is a sort of cross-genre science-fiction show that young viewers will be raving about.


Four young students, Jeremy, Yumi, Jeremy, Ulrich, and Odd are setting out to explore an old factory close to their school when they happen to discover a giant Supercomputer. Jeremy then investigates the giant computer’s controls and discovers that he is able to transport the entire group to a different named “Lyoko” that is being controlled entirely by that Supercomputer!

When they get to Lyoko, they meet up a humanoid virtual girl by the name of Aelita who’s telling them the story of a sentient virus named X.A.N.A. that has already infected this Supercomputer and now is threatening to destroy the place where they are, Lyoko, and ultimately will control Earth as well. The virus is unleashing monsters and launching attacks on our Earth and both of the worlds are in extreme danger. Thanks to Jeremy’s efforts, the group succeed in getting Aelita to Earth where she seemingly is released from the clutches of X.A.N.A.

But the dangerous supervirus is not giving up so easily. The group of heroes is unable to leave the Lyoko world and is at the mercy of the X.A.N.A. virus that becomes stronger and stronger and even starts to create new monsters.

Well, fortunately, Jeremy is able to program vehicles within the Supercomputer so his friends can gain more speed and power in their virtual world. When they have a journal written by Franz Hopper, who created Lyoko, our heroes discover the ultimate objective for them. Using Hopper’s pages, they now can decipher an antivirus that they may use for the destruction of the dangerous virus. Will the heroes be able to put the threat of X.A.N.A. to an end? Well, one thing is for sure: now they are absolutely ready to risk all they’ve got to win.