Moonscoop was one of the leading worldwide animation production studios focused on producing creative, original projects with international appeal and longevity. The company’s creative teams and award-winning productions had produced some of the highest-quality and award-winning animated series in the world. Just check out this Tara Duncan intro video:

In many cases, these programs had become part of Moonscoop’s vast catalog of animated programs (over 3,100 half-hours and actually still growing) which the company’s internal distribution and consumer products divisions exploit on a worldwide basis. Their projects included Tara Duncan, Hero: 108, Fantastic Four, Code LyokoTiteuf, Casper, and Wild Grinders, among quite a few others.


A truly global company, Moonscoop was headquartered in Paris and maintains additional studios in France, Wales, and Luxembourg, in addition to its significant 25,000 square-foot (2322 m2) production office and studio in Los Angeles. The company had studios and subsidiaries in these key production communities around the world in order to increase its production capacity, as well as tap into the incredible creative talent pools and new developments being made in each region.

Taken together, the Moonscoop studios and their talented, creative staff had built an impressive record of high-quality work, delivered on-time and on-budget.

Whether producing for its own and adding valuable rights and titles to its catalog or producing under commission from a third party – allowing IP owners anywhere in the world to take advantage of the creativity and reliability of the company’s proprietary production systems – Moonscoop was known for delivering both quality and cost-effective production solutions.

The scope of work at Moonscoop ranged from pre-production to full animation, to post-production and delivery, in all formats for TV series and feature-length films: Traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, Flash animation, high-definition, 3D CGI mo-cap or keyframe, or even unique alternatives like paper cutouts. The company also produced a limited amount of live-action if the creative demands of a program require it.


In 2014 due to internal conflicts, the Moonscoop company was dissolved and the Moonscoop catalog is bought by the Dargaud group. This website features the most remarkable achievements of the Moonscoop company.

Initially, Moonscoop was created with the merger of France Animation and Antefilms in 2003, Moonscoop was one of the premiere production studios in Europe. The Paris headquarters features both an animation studio and its own state-of-the-art post-production studio, Xana Post-Production, which utilizes technical assets that not only service the company’s own productions but now caters to a growing list of outside clients, as they are also generally recognized for their expertise in animation post-production. Antefilms Studio, located in the city of Angoulême, is also part of Moonscoop and is known as a leader in the field of high definition CGI animation.

One of the top producers in the European market, Moonscoop develops original shows and properties for a worldwide audience, producing 4-6 major new 26×26′ series and/or features per year.

Each program is produced in partnership with the world’s leading kids’ entertainment companies (producers, broadcasters, publishers, licensees, etc.) Some of the best-loved children’s shows have been created at the Moonscoop animation studio, including new series Geronimo StiltonTara Duncan, and Casper, as well as current favorites The Fantastic FourCode LyokoPet AlienAva Riko Teo, and the feature film Titeuf, the movie.